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About Q Spine Institute

Q Spine Institute is a nationally-recognized practice dedicated to delivering minimally invasive laser spine surgeries in the New Jersey area.

Our physicians specialize in minimally invasive spine surgery techniques, treating spinal pain and conditions with smaller incisions and speedier recovery time. The New Jersey-based Q Spine Institute opened as a back surgery center in 2000, and is one of just a few specialists in the NJ metro area to offer endoscopic lumbar fusion as an outpatient surgery.

Q Spine Institute is committed to achieving your best possible outcome, using the least invasive approach available, with the highest-quality equipment. Our list of services is extensive, and includes the diagnosis and treatment for pain and dysfunction caused by deformity, degenerative diseases, trauma, and failed surgeries.

The successes of our  practice has made Q Spine Institute the back surgery center that other doctors visit when they have problems of their own.