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A Second Opinion

If you are experiencing spinal pain and your doctor has recommended spine surgery, it can always help to get a second opinion from another surgeon.

At Q Spine Institute, we’re happy to thoroughly review your case and share our recommendations. Making an informed decision about your spinal treatment plan is important – we’re here to help!

When Should I Seek a Second Opinion?

Ideally, you’ve seen a spine doctor with a solid reputation and history of success. But if you have any uncertainty about surgery, there are situations where another doctor’s advice is welcome.

We recommend you get a second opinion if:

  • You were left feeling like you didn’t have ample time to discuss your concerns or have an understanding of all available options.
  • You were only given the option of a traditional open surgery, and you’d like to know if you’re a candidate for a more minimally-invasive procedure.
  • Your doctor didn’t give you conservative treatment options, and instead immediately recommended a surgical procedure.
  • You’ve had a previous spine surgery procedure that failed.
  • Your doctor suggested getting a second opinion, for peace of mind.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a second opinion consultation. We schedule our appointments with the understanding that you need time to discuss and understand all of your options.

If we agree with your doctor’s recommendation, you can move forward knowing you’re already in good hands. If Q Spine Institute can offer a less invasive option, we’ll review the benefits carefully with you.