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Big Decisions Need Second Opinions

Big Decisions Need Second Opinions

Not all decisions are easy ones, especially when the decision involves undergoing a surgical procedure.

If you’ve been going through treatment for your neck or back pain and your doctor has mentioned surgery, now might be a good time to bring in another perspective.

Choosing spine surgery for pain relief isn’t an easy decision, but consulting with another doctor might make that choice a little smoother to navigate.

Your spine health and future well-being are important. Here are a few reasons to consider a second opinion when you’re deciding on the right treatment for your spinal condition.


When You Should Look for a Second Opinion

If you’ve already talked about surgery with your doctor, it’s normal to hesitate before setting up a date with the surgeon. You might have a great relationship with your doctor, but if they’ve recommended surgical treatment for your spinal pain you’ll want to consider the decision carefully.

Getting a second opinion from another experienced surgeon can help to answer any other questions that you might have about the procedure, and might give you alternative solutions for treatment if you’re not quite ready for surgery.

Consider the following questions to help you through the decision-making process:

  • Were you given more conservative methods of treatment as an option? 

If you haven’t already tried other forms of treatment for your spinal pain, you might talk to a second doctor about your alternatives. Sometimes at-home treatments or over-the-counter medicines can help with spinal pain after a few weeks. You can also check out our Pain Assessment Tool here, if you’re interested in a preliminary diagnosis,

  • Was traditional open surgery the only surgical option discussed?

There are other options for spinal surgery that aren’t as invasive as traditional open surgery, and some treatments don’t require taking weeks off for recovery. You should know about all of your surgery options before deciding on the right type of treatment for your specific condition and symptoms.


  • Have you already been through a surgical procedure with your current doctor?

Not all spine surgeries are 100% successful, and some patients might choose to work with another surgeon when the time comes for another treatment if they continue to struggle with pain.  

  • Were you able to discuss all of your options with your doctor and ask questions?

Patients should have the chance to talk through any concerns they might have before choosing surgery.

It’s not unusual to get a referral to another spine surgeon from your current doctor. Many surgeons understand that the decision is a big one! With many of our patients at Q Spine Institute, their current doctor suggested that they seek another opinion about surgery.

Consulting a Second Spinal Care Physician

The health and care of your spine are important, and any decision that you make around your treatment should take some consideration.

At Q Spine Institute Institute, we offer a second opinion on your treatment at no cost. We can recommend other treatments or less invasive surgical options that will help you recover more quickly than traditional spinal surgery. You can also complete our Candidacy Check Tool, to get a better idea of your pain treatment options.


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