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Revision Spine Surgery Program

At Q Spine Institute, we seek to provide patients with relief when they experience continued pain after a previous spinal surgery.

Our surgical procedures are minimally invasive, and this often corrects issues caused or overlooked by previous surgeries. Because we have developed techniques that are the least invasive available, we often perform surgeries on an outpatient basis — meaning you’re not required to suffer through a lengthy recovery period.

Why Your Surgery May Have Failed

Spinal surgery is complex, because the human spine is complex. Our backbone provides our entire body with support – when surgeries do not go as planned, this can cause further complications.

Your previous surgery may have failed for one of the following reasons:

  • Healing from the surgery was not successful, resulting in damaged tissue
  • A fusion technique failed to create a complete fusion
  • Scar tissue formed around the surgical incision
  • Hardware failure
  • Misdiagnosis of your spinal condition
  • The procedure was done at the wrong site
  • You were not a good candidate for the surgery
  • Post-surgical complications

How Q Spine Institute’s Revision Spine Surgery Program Can Help

We have years of experience with revision spinal surgery techniques and will not recommend a procedure unless we believe it will provide relief and help to alleviate your pain.

If you are experiencing continued pain and discomfort from a spinal surgery and want to determine if revision therapy is the right treatment for your condition, please call us at (201) 493-0123 to make an appointment.