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Spinal Trauma Program

We don’t plan for trauma or accidents, but a serious fall or car accident can happen to any of us.

These kinds of incidents can impact the spine, sometimes in very damaging and painful ways.

A heavy impact to the spine can compress or damage the vertebrae and result in pain, weakness, numbness or even paralysis. Oftentimes after an accident, activities we take for granted during our normal daily routines can become more difficult.

At Q Spine Institute, we know the pain and anxiety that follows a traumatic experience or accident, and we want to treat you with the compassion and care that you deserve.

Q Spine Institute is committed to giving you the best chance at a full recovery from your injury. We are a pioneer in minimally-invasive surgical procedures and comes with the experience and
expertise to provide leading-edge treatments, meaning you’ll experience a faster, less painful recovery period.

Q Spine Institute is the preferred choice of local attorneys who trust us to provide the best and most appropriate spinal trauma care to their clients.

To learn more about our Spinal Trauma Program, please call us at (201) 493-0123.