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YESS Selective Endoscopic Discectomy™

Is YESS Right for Me?

Degenerative disc disease and herniated disc can cause spinal problems that compress your nerves and cause pain or other discomfort in the lower back, buttocks, and legs. The goal of an endoscopic discectomy or YESS procedure is to relieve the compression of the nerves and allow patients to return to regular daily activities.

Not every patient at Q Spine Institute requires surgery. When non-surgical treatment fails to relieve your symptoms and there is a progressive worsening of symptoms or pain, you should talk to your doctor about your surgical options.

In the Yeung Endoscopic Spinal Surgery (YESS) a small needle is inserted into the vertebral disc, and a tiny incision is made in the affected area. A dilation tube is slipped into place followed by the surgeon’s endoscope.

Minimally-invasive instruments are moved through the tube and the damaged disc parts are removed. The procedure can take one of our expert surgeons 30-minutes to one-hour per disc.

Am I a Candidate for YESS?

The goal of a YESS procedure, or endoscopic discectomy, is to provide relief from nerve compression and pain and to allow our patients to return to regular activity without experiencing symptoms.

Surgery comes with risk, regardless of the invasiveness of the procedures. Q Spine Institute may recommend the YESS procedure if more conservative approaches to treatment do not relieve your symptoms, or if your condition gets worse.

Patients who undergo a YESS endoscopic discectomy are typically discharged from the hospital on the same day of their surgery. Physical therapy treatment will start following the procedure, and patients typically return to normal activity within a few weeks.

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